My main aim when starting Sycha Slings was to enable as many people as possible to experience babywearing for themselves. I wanted to support UK businesses, but also realised that due to UK production costs this excluded many people from trying woven wraps, so that’s why I decided to produce two ranges. The Main line is the Turkish produced range (Turkey has a strong history in cotton production and weaving), and the Studio line is the UK produced range. The designs aim to be a bit fun and lighthearted, to encourage people to smile when they see them.

Main line details

The Main line provides affordable all rounder wraps, to enable more people to try babywearing, with prices starting from £64 including UK postage. The designs all have a way of easily identifying the different rails to help when wrapping, especially of use to those new to using woven wraps. The weave is dense to be pull resistant, and the wraps are quite wide at 75cm (nice and wide for toddlers), but quite lightweight (235 GSM for 100% organic cotton) so not too bulky for smaller ones, so can see you from newborn through to the end of carrying.

Studio line details

The Studio line are thicker wraps (290 GSM for 100% Egyptian cotton), again with a dense weave to avoid pulls, but with more cush than the lighter weight Main line wraps. The weave is very sturdy and supportive and will easily carry toddlers and older, while still being soft and floppy enough for newborns. They are 65cm wide, with prices starting from £115 including UK postage. These are woven and finished in the North of England, supporting family businesses.